Almost a Year Ago…Artistic Kitten

Almost a year ago, I posted this art this art piece at a place called I never did post it here, as I was kind of hoping to use to promote my non-fan art stuff, and more original works. But I never did post more than that… I should post more.

Speaking of which, I’m gonna spampost a bunch of pictures that I had for the Calgary Comic and Entertaiment Expo this year, that I wanted to post here, but was too busy to do so. XD;;

Anywho, this picture was sketched out in a notebook I was given, that had a PlayRix logo on the front. Lost that notepad during the winter unfortunately… No clue where. Afterward, I did the line work in Flash…or attempted to. XP I can never do lines properly when using the tablet pen. I tend to resort to using Pen tools, or line tools in flash…

Rendered the rest of it in Photoshop. This kitty is featured on my personal business cards, too! Yee haw!

Wow. Been rather busy for the last 2 weeks. Lots going on, 4 contracts, and learning to drive/obtaining my drivers license/buying a car.

Hopefully soon things will calm down a bit so its not so hectic.. Need me time too, heh.

Need more personal art!

WOW. Not sure about this one! Lol.

Just playing Gardenscapes, a Hidden Object Casual Game by company Playrix, and I noticed this little jem!

Notice the area I outlined. At first I was like, “Oh yeah, this looks like something from Fallout 3″ but then I realized the text was backwards, and I remembered where I recognized gthat picture from. :P Fail. It’s a bad picture! (See blown up insert).

What were they thinking! Hahaha!

1 Hour Art – “Modern Day” Lord of the Rings

1 Hour Art, as the name suggests, is a picture that I had done in the span of an hour. No more. Today’s theme, “Modern Day” Lord of the Rings!

Gandalf the White and Saruman the White duke it out with a Video Game console version of “Lord of the Rings”! Gandalf won, so he is rubbing it in Saruman’s face. :P PWNED!

Kind of weird how these two look kinda like Jesus when they’re just sketched out. :P

Yeah. Heheh…. I’m not dead! I have a lot of artwork coming up, that I should -really- scan, but my printer/scanner/all-in-one won’t scan if it’s out of ink… So… Yeah! :D

I’m going to be attending the Calgary Comic Expo again for this year, and I have at least 10 new prints this year! ^_^
A good 6 cat felt prints, and some good new ones. I’ll have some thumbnails up soon for everyone. ^^

but now…! NEW LAYOUT! OMG I was messing around, still tweaking as I go. :P expect some other stuff around.. Mmm yeah!

Also registered a new Domain! ^_^ now points here, hurrah!


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