New theme–again!

Yup. I do enjoy making themes. Here’s a quick one for my website.

Had a nice idea for a simple one, with a sort of “Lace Wallpaper” background, baby blue, and a chocolate ribbon styled header.

I originally didn’t know what to stick in the header beside the title, but I remembered I had some other fabric-styled characters that I had made for a test I was programming on Android, and thought they fit rather well!

BEHOLD, the Soda Pets! Originally a concept for a Tamagotchi/Digimon styled game for Android hand-helds. Done at a time when the Tamagotchi game was not on the Android Play store yet, and all that was on there were crappy rip-offs.

Ah well. I’m diggin’ this new theme. Sorta classic candy-shop-esque.


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