New Christmas Design Layout

Got a new website design layout happening, and thought I’d spread some Christmas cheer. Because I can.

I really like re-creating real life objects in Photoshop with Layer Shapes and “Blending Options”. I originally made some Christmas balls, and things spiralled out of control from there, heh. Decided to give the ol’ website a bit of a spruce-up, and made this design!

Got my Website Design company, CrystalFyre Design moving right along. Website is up, and English is 100%.  Just looking to get my boyfriend to help with the French Translation then I can open it up officially.

I’m very pleased with this new layout, as it turned out very well. But it is a bit heavy on the images… Ah well. Not sure how else to do the kind of layering I managed. :)

Merry Christmas everyone!


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