Well! Life’s a bit hectic lately, getting it ironed out as we go.

The game I’ve been working so feverishly on is finally coming to fruition! “Sally’s Quick Clips” by GamesCafe.com!

Sally's Quick Clips

Sally's Quick ClipsSally’s Quick Clips is by the same company that brought the original “Sally’s Salon”, and “Sally’s Spa” Time-Management games, except with a whole new twist! No, this isn’t the next Sally SEQUEL, it’s a PREQUEL. Meaning, that this game is a “Before Sally’s Salon”. And in doing so, GamesCafe decided to mix up the original Time-Management genre, and added in a Match-3 element to spice things up. Again, we’re trying something in between games, something to play with!

The initial Time Management aspect of the Sally games remains, in that you need to give services to customers, and play the Sally-styled unique minigames to satisfy their needs before doing the next task. The only catch, is that you need to make Matches to make your services!Sally's Quick Clips

The story goes like this, before the beginning of Sally’s Salon, Sally was a fresh-out-of-college student who just finished getting her Esthetician’s degree. Not knowing exactly where to go immediately, Sally found out about a new Reality TV show about Hair Styling, “Styling America”! Grand Prize is enough money to start your own Salon business!

Rushing to enter, Sally dragged along her best friend Nell, and the two of them entered together to try and win the prize money. Sally was quickly chosen to participate in the competition along with Nell, and now faces 10 other opponents! But before she can face them to win the Grand Prize, she must Wash, Cut, Style and Primp customers along the way! Each episode takes Sally across the city on her way to stardom!

Sally's Quick ClipsSally's Quick Clips


  1. Yusuke says:

    Yay! That’s awesome! =) I really (as always) Like the artwork– especially of Sally cutting the little girl’s hair, while Nell’s messed up the granny’s hair. xD Adorkable.

  2. Kurosan says:

    I’m sure people will love the game! If they just give it a chance, they’ll discover a fun and familiar yet original experience! ^^


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