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Wow! I’m actually at an official Game Developers Conference place! ^_^

I’m currently sitting in the Austin Convention center, on the 3rd day so far. They have two days of panels, then the convention really starts. I’ve been sitting in on Sessions and Panel’s for the last couple of days, so I’m learning lots!

The main theme seems to be mostly about MMO RPG’s and iPhone. I also got to sit in on some story panels about how to write good stories and things! Lots of programming talks as well, and a neat Expo downstairs!

The Expo has companies such as CRI Ware (ADX Dreamcast/Saturn Audio format creator), Bioware (Showing off Dragonair I think), Microsoft, Sony’s Online department, Valve / Steem, Intel, DeVry, DigiPen and a whole bunch of other cool places.

Last On Tuesday and Wednesday there were iPhone Mixers, where people with shared interests in iPhone and iPod touch’s could talk about stuff and meet other people. And free booze. :P It was all beer so I just drank coke. Then last night (wednessday), we managed to score tickets to the Valve/Steem Party at a local club called “Moltov”. It was fun! We didn’t actually get there when it started at 8p, we got there at about 10:30p, but it was still fun! After that, people started dispersing, and we were invited to a bar called Chugging Monkey. The Valve guys let us ride in their limo there, it was so cool!

This trip has also been full of food, which was pretty good. TGIFriday’s is beneath our hotel, and lots of neat food options. I ate at La Cafe Crepe, and had a Swiss cheese, Egg and Bacon breakfast crepe. While I was eating it, there was this small black bird that walked into the cafe and started grabbing scraps. O.o it was funny actually. XD He was just walking around, then finally the staff realized, and one of them went to chase the bird out. The bird got cornered behind the door, and attempted to fly through the window. But it was just glass, XD Just like that windex commercial.

While meeting lots of people, it was kind of sad that when we described the games we made, we had to keep mentioning, “Diner Dash” or “Bejeweled” as comparison. o.O;

Well, I suppose I should get back to my sessions, my next one is at 1:30p/ ^^ See ya!

a_med_psp.jpgFor the last couple of months now, I’ve been on the hunt for a new game to play. I thought I had found one on the PSP. Titled “Innocent Life: A Futuristic Harvest Moon”. I caught interest in this, as I’m a huge fan of the Harvest Moon game series. Straight from the first game on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). I remember buying that game, too. :P Walked right into the Game store and demanded it. It was fun! I love it so much.

Regardless, A couple months ago I had saw a game on the PSP (Playstation Portable) and I wanted to try it. Forcing myself not to buy it outright, and find a copy to rent and try, I held off. I’m actually glad I did, but at the time I was kicking myself because when I went back for it, it was gone.

Flash foward to two weeks ago, I spotted the same game at a local Used game store, Electronics Boutique (EB games), and jumped happily! Best part, it was only $10!!!

As I went up to the cashier, she pulled out the UMD disk for it, and I began to notice that the back of the casing looked rough. Worse off, the lady tried to smudge off what she thought was a smudge, but it wasn’t. My boyfriend pointed out that it looked pretty worse for the wear, so I looked at it more carefully. Huge scratches everywhere, like it had been in someone’s pocket with rocks and dirt. I had to decline that copy… So she called another store nearby. They didn’t have the PSP one in stock, so I left the store dejected.

I had just got outside the store about 5 minutes away, when the lady chased me down and told me the other store didn’t have the PSP version, BUT! A brand new copy of the PS2 version was there, for $30. I never knew a PS2 version had been out, so I was curious. I went home and rented it from the store, and I was sold! I played an hour or so into the game, and was hooked. I really wanted this game now.

So I took back some old Nintendo DS games I didn’t play anymore, and got credit to get the game. Huzzah! I’ve been happily pleased ever since!

Harvest Moon games have been a great way to waste time, and their slow pace really lets me unwind after a busy day at work. And this game’s story caught me as well! I can honestly say there is no spoilers when I say that you play the main character, a robot in the form of a young child. Your codename, “Innocent Life”. Your creator Dr. Grain had built you for a great purpose. The island home where a great deal of people live has a legend that states that the Fire/Volcano god is upset at everyone for relying too much on technology for even the most mundane of tasks (Shopping, for instance. You have a techno kart that follows you around the store).


Dr. Grain felt that humans wouldn’t be able to help ease the god, so he built you. To farm by hand, just like in the good old days! The Ironic part is, is that later on you get technology to help you out, so it’s rather funny. A robot using techology to farm!

The music for the game is beautiful. Simply gorgeous! I’m not a fan of the Rune Factory games so much, as they’re really too much RPG like. But this game, Innocent Life, is more like a regular Harvest Moon game, but with a technological twist instead!

Some people may not like this game for it’s slow pace, or modest story (to them), but I definitely recommend this game to check out at the very least. Off to go play some more!! <3

Digital Painting – Mario and Sonic

I’ve been watching The GameOverThinker on YouTube for a while now, and I’ve been extremely fond of his deep thought about video games in a current world.

His last episode had mentioned something he wanted to get off his chest, the problem with Sonic the Hedgehog. I’m a huge Sonic fan, as many most likely know, and the topic actually inspired me. My boyfriend got into contact with MovieBob and I had mentioned I wanted to do a picture for his video.

This was said picture. ^_^ And the video below is where it’s featured. Good stuff! I actually can’t wait for “Act 2″. XDDD Hahaha. Bad joke..


The last week or so I was collaborating with some other staff at GamesCafe, here, making a Holiday Card for everyone. ^^

It was lots of fun to make! But I wish we could have gotten more into it, what we wanted to do. XD Like, exploding Snowmen or taking photo’s of your monsterous creation. Like mine. BEHOLD. SEXY SNOWMA–err.. SNOWWOMAN!! XD

Happy Holiday’s everyone! ^^

(Insert really big Fan-girl squeal)

Some of my fondest memories when I was a kid, was some of my favorite video games, and being able to play them.

At the risk of getting another poor birthday gift, because the parent’s were having a hard time figuring out what to get me, I asked for some money so I could buy something for myself. I’d know when I found it, what I wanted to get.

I ended up down at the local mall, in the Zeller’s store, staring at the video game collection they had there.

It was then when I saw it… Top shelf, inside the black cupboard, glass window locked over it, and lights from the inside of the case shining down on this huge box. On the box, it had a golden like person standing, with it’s arms on it’s hips, with a reflective black visor. Within that visor, I saw a child with a baseball cap. The child was looking up at the Golden creature, much like I was looking up at this box inside the case. I knew I had to have this.

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