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Almost Earthbound time!

A yearly ritual I partake in on my birthday around the middle of May, is to complete Earthbound in it’s entirety over again.

Sure, I’ve done it many times before, but this game holds a special place for me and it really is one of the best games I’ve ever played.

With recent news of the Virtual Console release of the game, it’s definitely sparking renewed interest in the gaming community. What can I say?  Earthbound is beloved by many people, so when Japan got Remakes of Mother 1 + 2 on GBA, an actual sequel, Mother 3, on GBA as well as it’s own Virtual Console release, the crowd began to get louder demanding more EB Love in the Americas and Europe.

Heck, even when Shigesato Itoi had a live playing of Mother 2 direct from Japan on March 22nd to celebrate it’s Virtual Console release (Which, by the way, had a HUGE advertising campaign in Japan including Mother themed iPhone cases), there was a huge following of English watchers (myself included).

I was hoping that the Virtual Console release of Earthbound would be around for my Birthday, but it seems like it may be just in time for the Holiday Season instead. :)

Ah well, here’s Nintendo President Iwata (who was also a programmer for Earthbound apparently) discussing this marvellous event.

WOW. Not sure about this one! Lol.

Just playing Gardenscapes, a Hidden Object Casual Game by company Playrix, and I noticed this little jem!

Notice the area I outlined. At first I was like, “Oh yeah, this looks like something from Fallout 3″ but then I realized the text was backwards, and I remembered where I recognized gthat picture from. :P Fail. It’s a bad picture! (See blown up insert).

What were they thinking! Hahaha!

Well! Life’s a bit hectic lately, getting it ironed out as we go.

The game I’ve been working so feverishly on is finally coming to fruition! “Sally’s Quick Clips” by!

Sally's Quick Clips

Sally's Quick ClipsSally’s Quick Clips is by the same company that brought the original “Sally’s Salon”, and “Sally’s Spa” Time-Management games, except with a whole new twist! No, this isn’t the next Sally SEQUEL, it’s a PREQUEL. Meaning, that this game is a “Before Sally’s Salon”. And in doing so, GamesCafe decided to mix up the original Time-Management genre, and added in a Match-3 element to spice things up. Again, we’re trying something in between games, something to play with!

The initial Time Management aspect of the Sally games remains, in that you need to give services to customers, and play the Sally-styled unique minigames to satisfy their needs before doing the next task. The only catch, is that you need to make Matches to make your services!Sally's Quick Clips

The story goes like this, before the beginning of Sally’s Salon, Sally was a fresh-out-of-college student who just finished getting her Esthetician’s degree. Not knowing exactly where to go immediately, Sally found out about a new Reality TV show about Hair Styling, “Styling America”! Grand Prize is enough money to start your own Salon business!

Rushing to enter, Sally dragged along her best friend Nell, and the two of them entered together to try and win the prize money. Sally was quickly chosen to participate in the competition along with Nell, and now faces 10 other opponents! But before she can face them to win the Grand Prize, she must Wash, Cut, Style and Primp customers along the way! Each episode takes Sally across the city on her way to stardom!

Sally's Quick ClipsSally's Quick Clips

Damn it all!!

I get back from my Business trip to find out that Sony destroyed my NEW PlayStation 3.

The new 3.0 Firmware update was released before I left, and we got to play with it. Looked alright, but some of our games didn’t run. Promise’s of a new firmware update to fix this came out, version 3.01. So last night my boyfriend thought he’d update for us. It looked like it was working. The PS3 downloaded the update PERFECTLY, then the system restarted to install the new firmware. But it seemed to have encountered a hiccup at 17-18% of the install. So it said it needed to be restarted to fix and continue.

6 Restarts later, and we’re still getting the same problem. Constantly freezing and dropping an error message at us every time at 17-18% of the install.
“8002F14E – Cannot complete installation. Contact Technical Support”

ARGH. Of course, now the damn thing is toast so I can’t backup my save games! I never realized that you had to back this console up so goddamn often (Read: Every day) because it could corrupt itself WITH IT’S OWN STUPID UPDATE! This thing is more volatile than a Windows operating system on a HD with bad sectors!! AND THAT’s A FRIGGEN LOT.

How was I supposed to know the stupid thing would choke on it’s own vomit?? Worst thing is, is the System Recovery is not available! You can’t do that when the system is stuck in a Updating Loop! No matter how many times you try it, it still resorts to the Firmware update, and still hangs itself! RGGHGH!!! *BANGS HEAD AGAINST WALL*

Of course Sony customer support is no help, they don’t know anything! They don’t care, either, sending you canned messages that REALLY make you feel like you’re patronage is NOT WELCOME. It’s like they go out of their way just to piss you off, because they know you were a sucker enough to buy the expensive thing, and now they have your money, and there’s nothing you can do about it but bend over and take it up the ass!

I’ve tried and attempted so many different “fixes” that people have tried and got theirs working, but mine doesn’t respond to any of them. I even went as far as buying a new HD to see if I could re-install the old 3.0 firmware instead, but after it finishes formatting the HD it goes to install the firmware, AND EVEN THE OLD FIRMWARE FREEZES AT THE SAME SPOT. I definitely know it’s not a Hard drive problem, not in the least! It appears to be related to either the NAND, or the initial 3.01 that fried my system first.

Theories of people talking about why their consoles bit the biscuit talk about the updates causing power spikes in the system, frying their chipsets. Other people say that the older chipsets weren’t meant to handle the new firmwares.. Bullcrap. Another person talked about how his was fixed by sliding his HD in and out while the console was on, just before the magical percentage, then sliding it back in after it. It doesn’t work! This is so infuriating, that I haven’t even had this console for less than a year, and even my brother had terrible luck with his PS3 before I bought mine. What a sign! But I wanted a couple PS3 games, >_<

So now I’ve lost save files for Batman: Arkham Asylum, Dynasty Warriors 6, Eternal Sonata, Fallout 3 (got really far in this!), Folklore, Little Big Planet, and Metal Gear Solid 4 (80+ hours!!). *ready to throw console at wall* So now I gotta mail this thing to Sony directly, because there’s no bloody PS3 service depot in CANADA, so it’s going to the ‘States, which means it’s going to take 2+ weeks to get there and back. And chances are SUPREMELY high that I won’t get the same one I sent to them, because it’s just more convenient to replace a borked system with a new ‘refurbished’ one, than to actually fix the damn thing that an owner BECAME ATTACHED TO, AND HAS SAVED FILES/DOWNLOADS ASSOCIATED WITH THE CONSOLE ITSELF.

Big screw you, Sony… Just… ARGH.

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