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…. “Chaos, Control~!”

A blinding flash erupted beneath the Space Colony ARK. After being hurtled toward the blue planet below, the Colony was being returned to its original orbit, with the help of two Hedgehogs. Both yelling out, and calling the Aid of the Seven Chaos Emeralds to transport the beast, the two stood united.

After the light dimmed from the area, a lone, Gold, Hedgehog was seen, grasping the only remains if his new friend.

“Shadow had fulfilled his destiny…” Sonic breathed as he flew solemnly back toward the now stationary Colony, never looking back, as he had no reason, nor desire to, “I wish him…peace…” In his paws he rolled around the right gold band had been torn from his partner’s wrist, after he tried desperately not to let him go. The kind effort had not completely been wasted as he was offered a large smile in return after his hand was released.

- – -
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