Kato the Cat

I figured I would share with everyone what my cat Kato looks like, considering I’ve mentioned him many times.

This is my cat Kato. ^^ He looks a little ragged here, I’m sorry, but I have this inane ability to never take photos.. x.x; Only when it’s too late.

When we first adopted him (then he, us afterward), he came from a house full of Cat’s. A Wild Tom kitty, full of scratches and everything.

He began to plump up, I had trained him to do a few commands. (He could sit, stay and come when I called, and when treats were involved. XD).
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What can I say? I dearly enjoy Sushi. But before I delve too far, let me elaborate… I use the term “Sushi” as a generalization of Japanese Cuisine. In fact, everyone I know tends to do the same. Instead of, “Hey, wanna go out for some Japanese food?” everyone says, “Hey! Let’s get some SUSHI!”

Most people realize that the thought of raw food, particularly seafood, may seem unappetizing, but keep in mind that not all Sushi is considered raw. There are vegetable maki’s, such as Avocado, Cucumber, and Tamago (egg). And the ever popular California Roll has fake fish, that’s been cooked, and processed to resemble crab meat. Smoked fish is considered cooked, because smoking or pickling actually “cooks” the food, so smoked salmon Nirigi could not be considered raw seafood.

Needless to say that rant was random. XD And you can tell, I went out for lunch for Sushi. I was invited by a coworker to attend the local Sushi bar for lunch, with some of her old students from the art school just above it.

I absolutely adore Avocado Maki, and tempura sweet potatoes/yams. XD

While at lunch, we got to meet some of my Coworker’s old students, and after lunch we ended up going up to visit their classrooms, where I got to meet someone I know online. XD

It was interesting, as we had talked many times on the internet, and he was afraid of meeting in person. Hopefully now he knows I’m not scary. c.C;; ^^ Still it was pleasant finally meeting someone I knew for years, without ever knowing what he looked like. Cool stuffs.

Ah well! XP Back to work. I’m drawing ICE CUBES.

SNOW! And Random junk XD

Beautiful shot of a tree just across the street covered in snow. I was lucky enough that my Camera in my Phone gave it this cool glow effect. XD Really makes it look nice.

A giant pile of snow behind the bus stop. I love snow.

After walking home from Safeway’s one night I saw this sign, though I saw the other side first. XDD I laughed, so I had to take ap icture of the BEFORE side. Here’s the AFTER side. XD Lol. Ultimate Poo.


Hehe, my brother’s cat Joanie, who really doesn’t like being picked up or held, actually jumped onto my lap. I got to take a few pics of her, and she happened to be shaking her head when I did. XDD Drill Cat!


Being paid is cool. I tried going back to work on Saturday, but it was a bit much for me. I couldn’t on Sunday. XP;

But Today is monday, and I managed to make it to work. ^^ I feel good. I’m having a good day so far, I hope the rest of the week goes good. The project I’m working on finally feels like it’s going places, and being made. It’s not very fluid yet, but it’s getting there! *bighopes*

So I thought I’d try my hand at being that annoying blog person that posts tons of images and videos of random stuff. XD Well, to start things off, here we go!

Kitten War.comis an awesome site to see lots of kittens, just being… Well, RANDOM! XD You get to vote on which one is your favorite. ^^ Sometimes it’s too hard to tell.


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