Wow! The News right now is massive! Everyone scrambling, saying he’s suffered a Cardiac Arrest, and now news places are reeling out reports of his hospitalization, and some are even posting that he’s dead! WTF!!


Awh man… The King of Pop is now dead. x.x; Cnn just confirmed it, as well as about a million other websites. That is so hard to believe… My heart has sunk so low. I actually enjoyed Michael Jackson’s Music from my youth, and despite what he’s gone through..


It’s a well known fact that I’m a fan of Leiji Matsumoto’s anime/manga and as such I have been revisiting some of his eariler work. I’ve been watching Space Captain Harlock the last couple of days-the original 42 episode series from the late 70′s-and I’m quite enjoying it!

I first started watching his work, when a local TV station years ago played them on Friday nights. The first ever one I saw was the movie Adieu Galaxy Express 999. Admittedly it was actually a sequel, and I didn’t see the whole thing as my tape recording cut off just as I saw the main character face off against the villain in this movie, but I was still hooked! The character Maetel had a big impression on me. She was beautiful, and had gorgeous long blonde hair.

I actually idolized women with long hair, Crystal Gale included, and Maetel was no exception. She was smart, and travelled the stars. Quite romantic really. Regardless, I did end up seeing the first movie, then the second fully again eventually. And that movie was mostly the main reason I gained interest in the Internet. There was a background music piece that was amazing to me and I had to find it.

It actually took me years, but i finally found it in 2004. It took me almost 10 years. during that time I also found out that Leiji Matsumoto did the animation work for the Daft PUnk videos for their album Discovery. It ended up being a full length movie entitled Interstella 555.

Awesome stuff. Leiji is cited as one of the Daddy’s of animation, and has had cameo’s and often is reffrenced in othe Animes. One I can remember off the top of my head was the Anime version of Excell Saga. A quick parody of a girl with long blonde hair in a purple outfit with a train running behind her in a forest. But that was a guy in that clip. Lol. Even Dragon Ball Z was parodied in that series.

But anyway, I suggest you check out this man’s wonderful art. almost all of his series’ are connected somewhere, where stars from each series can be seen in his other Anime’s. Including Queen Emeraldas too.

Well now. It has been a while since I’ve updated this page and I apologise. I’ve been terribly busy with work. But things should start to iron out soon. ^^

I’m renewing an interest in sewing and plush doll making, and crafting new website designs. Hopefully I can finish something foe once though. XD

In other news I still love drawing and spriting, and I intend to keep at my hobby in my spare free time. I’ll post pictures of my crafts when I can. Just too bad that being an artist automatically gives you the “Starving” title. XD i’m short on cash again. Gotta love living in a metropolis.

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It’s currently the end of April, and here I am, drinking Hot-Chocolate. With Marshmallows. And mint flavoring. Why? It’s still winter. Had a snow-storm over the weekend, and it’s still -6′C outside. Brrr!!! Office is kinda cold too. Ah well, I’ve warmed up from my Hot Cocoa now.


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