Almost Earthbound time!

A yearly ritual I partake in on my birthday around the middle of May, is to complete Earthbound in it’s entirety over again.

Sure, I’ve done it many times before, but this game holds a special place for me and it really is one of the best games I’ve ever played.

With recent news of the Virtual Console release of the game, it’s definitely sparking renewed interest in the gaming community. What can I say?  Earthbound is beloved by many people, so when Japan got Remakes of Mother 1 + 2 on GBA, an actual sequel, Mother 3, on GBA as well as it’s own Virtual Console release, the crowd began to get louder demanding more EB Love in the Americas and Europe.

Heck, even when Shigesato Itoi had a live playing of Mother 2 direct from Japan on March 22nd to celebrate it’s Virtual Console release (Which, by the way, had a HUGE advertising campaign in Japan including Mother themed iPhone cases), there was a huge following of English watchers (myself included).

I was hoping that the Virtual Console release of Earthbound would be around for my Birthday, but it seems like it may be just in time for the Holiday Season instead. :)

Ah well, here’s Nintendo President Iwata (who was also a programmer for Earthbound apparently) discussing this marvellous event.

New theme–again!

Yup. I do enjoy making themes. Here’s a quick one for my website.

Had a nice idea for a simple one, with a sort of “Lace Wallpaper” background, baby blue, and a chocolate ribbon styled header.

I originally didn’t know what to stick in the header beside the title, but I remembered I had some other fabric-styled characters that I had made for a test I was programming on Android, and thought they fit rather well!

BEHOLD, the Soda Pets! Originally a concept for a Tamagotchi/Digimon styled game for Android hand-helds. Done at a time when the Tamagotchi game was not on the Android Play store yet, and all that was on there were crappy rip-offs.

Ah well. I’m diggin’ this new theme. Sorta classic candy-shop-esque.

CrystalFyre Design is now open!

CrystalFyre Design - Website DesignMy website design company CrystalFyre Design has officially opened it’s website today! The company has been around for many years, under a different name, and last year we officially registered our company name. It’s been a long road to get here, but there is still lots to do!

CrystalFyre Design offers website design and development, coding, and graphics design services. It offers a personalized approach to it’s services, and offers service in both English and French. We specialize in:

  • Small-business and new business start-ups;
  • Personal interest and blog websites;
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO);
  • Graphics design as well as
  • Professional coding services.

CrystalFyre Design can work with new or existing websites, and a no obligation consultation is always free.

New Christmas Design Layout

Got a new website design layout happening, and thought I’d spread some Christmas cheer. Because I can.

I really like re-creating real life objects in Photoshop with Layer Shapes and “Blending Options”. I originally made some Christmas balls, and things spiralled out of control from there, heh. Decided to give the ol’ website a bit of a spruce-up, and made this design!

Got my Website Design company, CrystalFyre Design moving right along. Website is up, and English is 100%.  Just looking to get my boyfriend to help with the French Translation then I can open it up officially.

I’m very pleased with this new layout, as it turned out very well. But it is a bit heavy on the images… Ah well. Not sure how else to do the kind of layering I managed. :)

Merry Christmas everyone!


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