Diaochan, Three Kingdoms Inked!

Here we are…! Inking. ^_^

Most of the final detailing will be painted in over top. Such as the peach tree blossoms (Which peach trees aren’t over foliage’d to begin with.), the flowers around, and the soft forest behind the Moon gate.

I did make some last-minute design change decisions, like to show her long hair, instead of tying it up, and to make her smile a bit more.

Diaochan, Three Kingdoms sketch

Uhm, heheh. ^_^ This is my submission for the Artist Block Party book for the Calgary Comic Expo Artists about Illustrated Classics. (Whew! What a line)

I chose one of my favourite novels, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, and decided upon Diaochan.

In the book, Diaochan is touted as the fourth of the three most beautiful maidens in all of China, and I decided to give a shot at a princess-looking Chinese maiden. Adorned in lace, beads, and a wonderfully woven silk dress, she stands by a peach tree located outside a Moongate, reaching for one of the fruits.

The peach represents prosperity and everlasting youth, with Diaochan was often associated with herself.

I tried to give some textures to some things that weren’t quite there, to make the sketch easier to understand, it is still a sketch, after all. A pebbled path beside the grass patch, and the rough cluster of the leaves from the peach tree.

I’ll post the progress on this image as I go along. From Inked, to rough colors, to final image.

Ok. So I got this real bad problem of sometimes never finishing my sketches. XD If I can ever get around to sketching in the first place…

This was conceptualized before Xmas, beginning of December actually… I happened to see a tall man, dressed handsomely (Long black wool coat, smart looking scarf, neat leather gloves, and leather shoes. He was booking it across a cross-walk just before it finished flashing. Anywho… This smartly dressed man reminded me of Professor Layton, and I kinda had a vision of the Professor dressed in a similar outfit. So I doodled this! :P

This was actually sketched 100% in a blue pen. No pencil. I just scanned it in greyscale. Never did finish it, or get an idea for Luke. Ah well…

1 Hour Art – “Modern Day” Lord of the Rings

1 Hour Art, as the name suggests, is a picture that I had done in the span of an hour. No more. Today’s theme, “Modern Day” Lord of the Rings!

Gandalf the White and Saruman the White duke it out with a Video Game console version of “Lord of the Rings”! Gandalf won, so he is rubbing it in Saruman’s face. :P PWNED!

Kind of weird how these two look kinda like Jesus when they’re just sketched out. :P

Sketch – Black, White and Red all over – Easter Edition

So today is Easter pot-luck day at work! I brought Cabbage Rolls and a Tapioca and Coconut Milk soup.

We also did an Art “Friday”(Thursday). I got to pick the theme from a box. I had pulled a paper that said, “What’s Black, White, and Red all over?” So we turned it into Easter.

I couldn’t think of much, so I began doodling. Here’s a Baby Chick on an Easter Egg and a Baby Bunny in a Basket. ^^
Black and White sketch, with Red colorings.


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