Shadow at the “Beach”

WHOO! Finally done this beast. XP;; This one hit me randomly, and it NEEDED to get done before I could work on anything else. x.x; To those of you with commission requests, SORRY! I’ll hop to that right away! I just needed to get this out of my system. ^^;;


So, I’d been meaning to draw a picture of Shadow with a Slurpee, again, to basically recreate an earlier image I did of Shadow drinking a slurpee with a Chao. I was sitting at the bus stop and wanted to do this, and it turned out really awesome!

I couldn’t think of a way to ink it, but I knew for sure I wanted to color this Painterly style. Though, I think I went overboard with the fur details. XD;; But, hey. ^^ It looks awesome with all the fur details. I’m very proud of how this image turned out, despite my cheaping out on the background for the last bit.

BTW, it’s supposed to be a cardboard cutout background, and cardboard hanging sun + cloud. XP I don’t remember initially why I wanted them to be cardboard, maybe to convey the point that summer seems artificial now, that I can’t enjoy it like I used to. But psychology aside, I present awesome picture! ^_^

Long live rubber ducky! :P Time for bed now. @_@

Tikal and Chao by the River

Here we go! ^_^ I finally finished this piece.

This was one of those things I had wanted to do years ago, but never got around to. Then back in October, I managed to whip out a sketch of this (as seen in my scraps.)

Well, it’s been a few years since I’ve inked or colored in the usual Sonic Team style, so this looks really off.

I decided to use a bit of a mix style that I had been working on with Paths. I’d draw out the path I want, then stroke it with pen pressure to create a variable width line as depicted here. For kicks, I also colored it like that. :P So that’s why it doesn’t look like a typical SA style picture. Also, Tikal’s ‘Gloves’ are based off of her SA and SA2 3D Model’s, in which all Echidnae character’s had gloves, no fingers, despite her official artwork. (That and I was too lazy to draw individual fingers.)

I also got lazy with the background and just whipped something in there. XD;; Ah well. ^^ Line’s initially drawn in Flash, Re-worked in Illustrator, then finished in Photoshop. Colored, too.

P.S. Ignore the fact that the Chao Bauble is pink instead of yellow. XP;; I realized it after the fact. Oops.

Crystal the Kitten

Well! I haven’t uploaded it, but I recently did a Sketch Dump of some Crystal the Cat stuff. ^^ There were about 3 of them, so watch for the others.

I decided Crystal didn’t get enough air-time. XD And I really needed to do a good picture of her. Well, eventually I’ll end up doing a SA styled one. But I felt like doing fluffy for now.

Interesting thing, when I originally inked this, full-page picture, bigass sharpie, the scanned lines looked like turd, even when I imported into Flash. But I fixed the lines, and everything looks cool now! Then Flash kept closing every time I wanted to export it. It wouldn’t let me export 8000pix picture apparently. o_O;;;;

Either case, I scaled down the picture and made a wallpaper! :DD

SO! This is Crystal the Cat, playfully … uh… playing with a giant ball! 8D Originally supposed to be a ball of yarn, but I got lazy when drawing the threads. XD;;;;;;

She got high from playing with the Cat-nip mouse beside her. 83!! LOOKITDOSEYES!!! Big as Saucers!

Well, the entirety of Crystal, and the mouse, was done in Flash… Lines, Colors, and Shading. I love Flash. <3

I exported it to Photoshop for the BG. WHICH I goofed around with a bunch of vector brushes for the background. So, yeah. SHINY.

Keep a look out for two other Crystal the Cat Pictures lateron. ^_^

Vector – Paris at Night

Well, this is a couple of months old, I really like it. ^^ I spent a bit of time making this at work, though I’m certain I’m not going to be using it for anything. So, to avoid putting waste to something I spent time on, I’m presenting it here!

This is a loose Representation of Paris, at Dusk. (Ignore the nonsensical “French” I have posted there, It was meant to be a parody. No offense)

I have an Eiffel Tower, with lights, and the famous Water fountain at Concord Place. I took various Landmarks from Paris, and put them together in my own interpretation. There was originally going to be water in the “road” behind the first one, but I couldn’t manage the texturing on that one completely, so it’s a black board. And the front texture is supposed to be a bit of cobblestone, with water reflections on it (Hence, near a river).

Ah well. ^^ I love this picture actually… done 100% in Flash!!

Sketch – Shadow and Chao Birthday

About a month ago, a member on deviantART had sent me a note. It was their Birthday coming up shortly (at the time), and they wanted to know if I could draw them something. Normally birthday stuff has to be done quickly, and I had a bigger project going, so I read the request with an open mind.

In it, they detailed they were looking for an image of Shadow, holding a Shadow Chao, which was holding a birthday present. ^^ I thought it was cute, and I was inspired, so I quickly sketched it up. Though I won’t finish it, at least it exists! :P


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