1 Hour Art – “Modern Day” Lord of the Rings

1 Hour Art, as the name suggests, is a picture that I had done in the span of an hour. No more. Today’s theme, “Modern Day” Lord of the Rings!

Gandalf the White and Saruman the White duke it out with a Video Game console version of “Lord of the Rings”! Gandalf won, so he is rubbing it in Saruman’s face. :P PWNED!

Kind of weird how these two look kinda like Jesus when they’re just sketched out. :P

Digital Felt Painting – Mackerel Tabby Cat

Part 1 – Mackerel Tabby – Brown

Part 1 in a series of faux black felt “paintings” of cat portrait’s. This one is styled as a generic house-cat, the Brown Mackerel Tabby. Characterized by their “M” shaped marking on their foreheads.

This one is named “Salem”. He’s a very loving kitty, kind, and cuddly! Salem likes to push his head against you, and then stare at you with his deep eyes. A cute little white muzzle, and a golden belly that loves to be rubbed! Salem will continue rolling on his back until someone rubs his tummy. He also has huge daisy paws, with black pads.

CUDDLES!! :D >(^n_n^)<

Pin-Up boy Shadow

Nothing overly exciting here. XP

Just a quick doodleish piccy. Needed to get it out of my system. XDDD;;

Started with an imagery of a top view of Shadow’s head, morphed to him laying on grass, now on fluffy bed-spread.



Fighter’s Spirit Knuckles

Another commission from the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo. ^^; A bit late for posting on here though. .. — But I received permission from them to post it here.



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