Ok. So I got this real bad problem of sometimes never finishing my sketches. XD If I can ever get around to sketching in the first place…

This was conceptualized before Xmas, beginning of December actually… I happened to see a tall man, dressed handsomely (Long black wool coat, smart looking scarf, neat leather gloves, and leather shoes. He was booking it across a cross-walk just before it finished flashing. Anywho… This smartly dressed man reminded me of Professor Layton, and I kinda had a vision of the Professor dressed in a similar outfit. So I doodled this! :P

This was actually sketched 100% in a blue pen. No pencil. I just scanned it in greyscale. Never did finish it, or get an idea for Luke. Ah well…

Kingdom Hearts – Roxas

Now we have Roxas, from Kingdom Hearts! Ex-Organization XIII member, now just a regular Nobody. With dual Keyblade action, Oblivion and Oathkeeper. Also detailed out the wazoo. I think these two last characters were some of the most detailed I’ve ever done. Took a very long time to get done! Very proud of the coloring… but you can most likely tell I had problems with their Eyes. Hard to pull off. :P Ah well. Enjoy!

Kingdom Hearts – Axel

Check it out! Axel from Kingdom Hearts! One of the Organization XIII members. A special request. Wow. Man, these guys are Detailed! XP Hard to draw it all. Took quite a long time, and I think I still botched him up, Heheh.

Captain Picard – Engage!

SO! Who’s a big Star-Trek fan?? :D ME MEME!! *shot*


This started off as a doodle sketch inside my old notepad, which I conveniently lost, and then it made it’s way into a funny wallpaper that I wanted to make.

Everyone SHOULD be familiar with Captain Jean Luc Picard, and if not, GO WATCH STARTREK! :P Next Generation, to be exact. Witness Patric Stewart in all his acting glory! Sure, it isn’t Shakespear, but by golly he can sure act!

Another one of my favorite things, is Phoenix Wright (Gyakuten Saiban in Japan, or “Turnabout Courtroom”). For some reason, it just made perfect sense to mix the two. SO! Here is Captain Picard doing his “ENGAGE!” or “MAKE IT SO!” pose, ala Phoenix Wright style (OBJECTION!!)! All dramatic and flashy speedlines and everything. Ooooo…

I love this picture. It’s so corny, yet funny at the same time. XD I sold a good number of these at the Calgary Comic Expo. Actually, I think I sold out. O.o; Hahaha. And Spock (Leonard Nimoy) was there this year. FUN!

Rozen Maiden – Seki Twins

One of the main prints I wanted to do for the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo. Rozen Maiden seemed pretty popular to me, and I enjoyed the series actually. My favorite doll was Sousei-Seki. ^^; And where one goes, the other follows, basically. So I decided to draw a picture of Suisei-seki and Sousei-Seki. (Incase you don’t know, Sousei-seki and Suisei-seki are Japanese for their German names, which mean “Lapis Lazuili Stern (or Star in English)”, and “Jade Stern (Star)”, respectively. Sousei is the Blue one, and it’s actually a girl, not a boy, and Suisei is the green one.

… Now that I think about it, I forgot to draw Sousei-seki’s black tophat. O.o; it was in my sketches… Oops.

Anywho.. The two are laying on a bed of silk, much like the insides of their boxes. Sadly, this print didn’t do well at all. but I think that may be because it was a Comic book convention, not an Anime convention. Oh well. Anyone want a print? :P 11×17, laser printed. high quality card-stock.


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