Original Art

Vector – Paris at Night

Well, this is a couple of months old, I really like it. ^^ I spent a bit of time making this at work, though I’m certain I’m not going to be using it for anything. So, to avoid putting waste to something I spent time on, I’m presenting it here!

This is a loose Representation of Paris, at Dusk. (Ignore the nonsensical “French” I have posted there, It was meant to be a parody. No offense)

I have an Eiffel Tower, with lights, and the famous Water fountain at Concord Place. I took various Landmarks from Paris, and put them together in my own interpretation. There was originally going to be water in the “road” behind the first one, but I couldn’t manage the texturing on that one completely, so it’s a black board. And the front texture is supposed to be a bit of cobblestone, with water reflections on it (Hence, near a river).

Ah well. ^^ I love this picture actually… done 100% in Flash!!


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