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Animal Pastry – Chinese Goldfish

XD OK, first things first. This is NOT a Frog. At work today, we had a bit of a `free time`, and all the artists at work decided to try some themed art. ^^

The suggestion was made, “Animal Pastries”. This was left open to interpretation  which had everyone creating their own versions of what they thought was an “Animal Pastry”. One person took a picture of a Tart on a plate, and ‘Photoshoped’ a turtle onto it, adding some Meringue. XD Yummy Tartle.

Another person made a “Pie-Dog”, which was a cherry pie, with dog ears, tail, and face drawn on. XD it was cute.

The other person made pictures of cartoon Animals enjoying Pastries. ^^

This was my interpretation of an “Animal Pastry”. ^^ I chose something I liked, a fried Chinese pastry, that is big and round like a ball. It’s golden, crunchy, and half hollow. On the inside there’s either Red bean paste, Black bean paste, or a combination of Peanuts and coconut. ^^ They’re rolled in Sesame Seeds afterward.

So this is mine! It’s a Chinese Pastry, shaped like one of those big fat bellied goldfish. XD it has Sesame Seed scales, sugar-glass candy shaped like fins, and currant’s for eyes. XD That’s why his eyes aren’t colored like a real goldfish. O.o;

^_^ I really like the Sesame seeds on here. XD

Pretty fishy! ^_^

Crystal the Kitten!


Heh. ^^; I felt like coloring the inked image that was in my header, and this is what I ended up with. Kinda cool actually. Gradient style coloring, with a funky background. @@;; This was one of the sketch-dump pieces I ended up doing months ago.

“Sonic Adventure”-Style Crystal the Cat

Since Crystal’s first conception, I’ve been frantically trying to do a GOOD SA style pose/coloring on her, but I think I never quite got it. XD I only ever did it once, and never bothered coloring her SA style since. Alwayso ther ways. Painterly, or Flash. ^^;

So, one day Ill finish it, SA style! XP Until then, please enjoy this sketch. I love this sketch so much!! *huggles it* … lol

Crystal’s Hair Letdown

Part of a giant sketch-dump I did a few months ago, when I wanted to draw a few good pictures of my character, Crystal the Cat. ^^ One of the things I noticed, was that I NEVER had any pictures of her without her blue head-scarf. XP Which was odd.

Well, I managed to actually draw her with her hair down, as I wanted to show people what her hair looked like without the scarf. ^^ I never got to color it completely, and I also drew her in a bit of a nice dress, too. Two birds with one stone. She looks innocent here. ^^; I might color it someday, if I can figure out how.

Crystal the Kitten

Well! I haven’t uploaded it, but I recently did a Sketch Dump of some Crystal the Cat stuff. ^^ There were about 3 of them, so watch for the others.

I decided Crystal didn’t get enough air-time. XD And I really needed to do a good picture of her. Well, eventually I’ll end up doing a SA styled one. But I felt like doing fluffy for now.

Interesting thing, when I originally inked this, full-page picture, bigass sharpie, the scanned lines looked like turd, even when I imported into Flash. But I fixed the lines, and everything looks cool now! Then Flash kept closing every time I wanted to export it. It wouldn’t let me export 8000pix picture apparently. o_O;;;;

Either case, I scaled down the picture and made a wallpaper! :DD

SO! This is Crystal the Cat, playfully … uh… playing with a giant ball! 8D Originally supposed to be a ball of yarn, but I got lazy when drawing the threads. XD;;;;;;

She got high from playing with the Cat-nip mouse beside her. 83!! LOOKITDOSEYES!!! Big as Saucers!

Well, the entirety of Crystal, and the mouse, was done in Flash… Lines, Colors, and Shading. I love Flash. <3

I exported it to Photoshop for the BG. WHICH I goofed around with a bunch of vector brushes for the background. So, yeah. SHINY.

Keep a look out for two other Crystal the Cat Pictures lateron. ^_^


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