Original Art


Sorry about that. ^^;

Alright. So in an extra effort for Kato, I was bored waiting for my computer at work to finish doing whatever it was doing…that was taking a very very long time… So I sketched out a rough of my cat Kato. Thought I think his tooth is on the other side.

After work, I had finished it off, messed around with some Fur texturizing brush I made, and didn’t know what to do for a background. I bailed on it.  :P  Ah well!

Art-Challenge Friday; New Year’s Baby

Alright! :P

I’m a little late with trip pictures, but that’s ok. I got this instead!

This last Friday, the 2nd, we had another Art challenge at work. We were going to interprit our own ideas of what a “New Year’s Baby” would be like.

Everyone had their own ideas. Someone drew a Sexy Lady in a martini glass, another drew a baby chained to a ball, someone drew an alien, and I drew this. XD;;

It’s supposed to be one of those velvet paintings… a black or dark colored piece of velvet, with acrylic paint on it, showing vibrant hue’s of colors. Very cool stuff, I didn’t get it too well though. XD;; I tried. The head is fubar, but that’s ok.

Snow-Angel Crystal

I had been working with Path’s and Shapes a lot in Photoshop recently, and I had this quick inspiration to draw Crystal, cutely, Chibi/SD like some old Angel pics I saw once.

Needless to say, I made this thing entirely in Paths, so I can resize it to any size, and not lose quality. o.O Gosh, I love Vectors. XP

Maybe I’ll color this differently some other time… Or other characters? 8D

Happy Holly-Daze Chao!

There we we go! ^_^ A merry Chao for the holidays!! Koji-Chao is ready for the fun. XD Candy-cane in … mouth! EXCITING!!

Oops, I just realized I drew blue eyes on Koji, instead of green eyes .x.x; ah well. ^^;; still cute. Attempted a Painterly style for coloring, but I can’t seem to mask colored area’s, to prevent drawing over the lines. XP;; Meh. ^^


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