Original Art

Digital Felt Painting – Mackerel Tabby Cat

Part 1 – Mackerel Tabby – Brown

Part 1 in a series of faux black felt “paintings” of cat portrait’s. This one is styled as a generic house-cat, the Brown Mackerel Tabby. Characterized by their “M” shaped marking on their foreheads.

This one is named “Salem”. He’s a very loving kitty, kind, and cuddly! Salem likes to push his head against you, and then stare at you with his deep eyes. A cute little white muzzle, and a golden belly that loves to be rubbed! Salem will continue rolling on his back until someone rubs his tummy. He also has huge daisy paws, with black pads.

CUDDLES!! :D >(^n_n^)<

Playful Kitten Trio

So I took the advice of my mother, and finished this pen drawn sketch of the kittens I drew. She suggested a sort of “scrap book” sort of coloration to it, to give it a parchment sort of appearance. ^^ It actually attracted a lot of squeals at the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo from a lot of girls. Some people thought it was Menchi, from Excel Saga. XD;;

Megane Kitten-boy “Jun”

In response to the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo I decided to do an original print. I had tried many other ideas, sexy girls, sexy bunny girl, but they didn’t work too well for this.

I decided to try to draw an anthro kitten, and I decided to make a Megane kitten boy. ^^ Last-minute I called him Jun. He looks like one.

So I printed him but almost nobody wanted him. x.x; One person bought him, but my Sonic art stole the show, more importantly, one I had of Mario dressed as Sonic, and Sonic dressed as Mario. XD; ah well.

Sketch – Black, White and Red all over – Easter Edition

So today is Easter pot-luck day at work! I brought Cabbage Rolls and a Tapioca and Coconut Milk soup.

We also did an Art “Friday”(Thursday). I got to pick the theme from a box. I had pulled a paper that said, “What’s Black, White, and Red all over?” So we turned it into Easter.

I couldn’t think of much, so I began doodling. Here’s a Baby Chick on an Easter Egg and a Baby Bunny in a Basket. ^^
Black and White sketch, with Red colorings.

Snow Crystal Doodle

*random*  ^^;;  First self portrait in a long time, maybe?  I dunno.  Happy with how it was colored, not too happy about the initial concept though.  Just doodling… Trying to get back into drawing things other than fan stuff.


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