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Digital Felt Painting – Ginger Tabby Cat

Part 6 – Ginger Tabby
Part 6 in a series of faux black felt “paintings” of cat portrait’s. This one is styled as a classic Ginger or Orange colored Tabby. A Ginger tabby is one of the classic “Tom Cat” styles, that you can normally find prowling around late at night.
Orange Tabby’s tend to be portrayed as the ‘Cat among Cats’ in most cartoons and things, and are a common type to be seen along the streets in Japan. Not quite as popular (or lucky) as the Calico cat, they are still welcomed.

Digital Felt Painting – Calico Cat

Part 4 – Calico
Part 4 in a series of faux black felt “paintings” of cat portrait’s. This one is styled as a popular cat in Japan, the Calico, or Tortise shell. Generally a good portion of these cat are actually female, but the odd percentage can be male once in a blue moon, so to speak. Calico cat’s are among one of my favorite types of cats.

I simply adore how perfectly white their fur can be, then have odd patches of black and brown/orange. Another variation of the Calico is the Tortoise Shell. They typically have more patches of black, with brown flecks. Sometimes they can be a Chimera! Cat’s that have one side of their face black, and the other brown–divided near perfectly down their face, are called chimera. (Like a mix of two). It’s such a fascinating marking.

Digital Felt Painting – Black Bombay Cat

Part 3 – Black Bombay
Part 3 in a series of faux black felt “paintings” of cat portrait’s. This one is styled as the Black Bombay cat.
These cats are known for their personalities! This is Kato, a real gentleman of a cat. Though he won’t fail to let you know that you’re bothering him. When we first got Kato, we didn’t know what to name him. We had adopted him from the shelter, and he seemed so skinny. After he came home, all he ever did was eat, and sleep so we were contemplating naming him “Bed and Breakfast”. XD;; Though, Kato is actually named from the “Green Lantern”. The Green Lantern had a 60′s TV show in a similar style to the old Batman TV show, and his sidekick was played by Bruce Lee. The character’s name was “Kato”.

Digital Felt Painting – Silver Mackerel Tabby Cat

Part 2 – Silver Mackerel Tabby
Part 2 in a series of faux black felt “paintings” of cat portrait’s. This one is styled as a generic house-cat, the Silver Mackerel Tabby. Characterized by their “M” shaped marking on their foreheads.
The Silver Mackerel Tabby are another common variation of house cat, but are generally more skinny than the aforementioned brown tabby. XD;; Sorry Salem, I love you, but you’re huge.

Almost a Year Ago…Artistic Kitten

Almost a year ago, I posted this art this art piece at a place called http://www.ArtWanted.com. I never did post it here, as I was kind of hoping to use ArtWanted.com to promote my non-fan art stuff, and more original works. But I never did post more than that… I should post more.

Speaking of which, I’m gonna spampost a bunch of pictures that I had for the Calgary Comic and Entertaiment Expo this year, that I wanted to post here, but was too busy to do so. XD;;

Anywho, this picture was sketched out in a notebook I was given, that had a PlayRix logo on the front. Lost that notepad during the winter unfortunately… No clue where. Afterward, I did the line work in Flash…or attempted to. XP I can never do lines properly when using the tablet pen. I tend to resort to using Pen tools, or line tools in flash…

Rendered the rest of it in Photoshop. This kitty is featured on my personal business cards, too! Yee haw!


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