Diaochan, Three Kingdoms – Colored!

Whew. @_@ Bout time I posted this, sorry for the lateness. here’s the colored version. ^_^ I hope you enjoy it.

“In the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Diaochan is touted as the fourth of the three most beautiful maidens in all of China, and I decided to give a shot at a princess-looking Chinese maiden. Adorned in lace, beads, and a wonderfully woven silk dress, she stands by a peach tree located outside a Moongate, reaching for one of the fruits. The peach represents prosperity and everlasting youth, which Diaochan was often associated with herself. Her lover, Lu Bu, was so smitten with her that he even killed his adoptive father and Diaochan’s lord, Dong Zhuo, to make sure that she was only his. I was originally wanting to go with a soft water color style to portray how soft and delicate the character and her surroundings were, but instead decided to go with some bold colors and a soft shading. Surprisingly, when researching peach trees, it was interesting to see that contrary to the more popular cherry tree, peach trees have very dark bark and only flowers blooming from their thick, wiry branches. So they really don’t have much foliage at all! You learn something new all the time.”


  1. Anonymous says:

    Ah… the beauty that could destroy kingdoms! Love it!


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