Diaochan, Three Kingdoms sketch

Uhm, heheh. ^_^ This is my submission for the Artist Block Party book for the Calgary Comic Expo Artists about Illustrated Classics. (Whew! What a line)

I chose one of my favourite novels, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, and decided upon Diaochan.

In the book, Diaochan is touted as the fourth of the three most beautiful maidens in all of China, and I decided to give a shot at a princess-looking Chinese maiden. Adorned in lace, beads, and a wonderfully woven silk dress, she stands by a peach tree located outside a Moongate, reaching for one of the fruits.

The peach represents prosperity and everlasting youth, with Diaochan was often associated with herself.

I tried to give some textures to some things that weren’t quite there, to make the sketch easier to understand, it is still a sketch, after all. A pebbled path beside the grass patch, and the rough cluster of the leaves from the peach tree.

I’ll post the progress on this image as I go along. From Inked, to rough colors, to final image.


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